Let’s be honest, I say I’m basically ready to be a mom because I’m missing one important thing in that equation – my own kid. SPOILER ALERT: Suffice it to say, Florian and I quite enjoy our life of leisure and traveling and will keep it that way for a while longer. Besides, who wants to canoe in Norway or hike in Sweden or not drink wine in Paris or scuba in Thailand while pregnant?? Not me, and those are my planned trips over the next few months! I’m ready to be a babysitter mommy is maybe a more accurate description. But I really L-O-V-E other peoples’ babies. They’re so teeny and chubby and easy to dress up, and best of all I give them back when they start to cry! I need to give that kid back at night so I can sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I love sleep slightly more than I love other peoples’ kids 🙂

But these last few months I’ve had a crash course in parenting since I’ve now got two new baby nieces, 2 new Zurich babies and about 99% of the other women I know are pregnant!! (Ok, obviously that is an exaggerated statistic but I swear it feels like that when I go to lunch and 4 of 6 girls are pregnant!). I can now do the following things with a baby: change its diapers, burp, bathe, shush, rock, swaddle and feed it, tolerate high-pitched crying, and know when it is crying “just because”, amongst other skills. I also coo and tell them how cute they are and tell them how much I love them and then I speak a little German to ensure they are bi-lingual.

But today is a special day because it’s my niece Lily’s 1-month birthday (BTW, is that a thing? A 1-month birthday?? I think it’s like when I was a teenager and celebrated my six-month anniversary with a boyfriend). To celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to share these amazing pictures of her adorableness that will absolutely make you smile. Sidenote: my other sister Rachel says Lily looks like me. What do you think? Perhaps a maternity test is in order???