Everyone says no matter how prepared you think are for your baby, you’re never actually prepared. Here’s what I’ve learned about life with a baby that I wasn’t prepared for:
… that your new favorite song is a recording of a washing machine because washing machine = sleeping baby.
… that you will always find strange substances everywhere and panic. And call the doctor fr the 14th time. And they will tell you that, once again, everything is absolutely fine. (kidding! sort of. I only called his office once.)

 … that you’ll be able to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions without any problems.

… that you’ll finally see the value in the horribly overpriced noise-cancelling headphones your husband swore he needed and that you argued with him about.
… that you’ll find out that your bitchy resting face is genetic.

… that instead of texting sexy/funny/cute pictures to your husband, you’ll start texting pictures like this instead. You know, just so he knows how hard you’re working and he doesn’t think your life is like this (trust me, you don’t need to understand German to watch this).

And the biggest adjustment of them all…
… that you’ll be so unbelievably, utterly, completely and unequivocally overwhelmed with love and gratitude for your baby, your husband and your new little family. Unconditional love takes on a whole new meaning.