Thirty. Thirt-y. The big 3-0.  On December 9, I can no longer say I’m still a young buck in my 20s (though you may remember I actually don’t celebrate my birthdays but rather the anniversary of my 21st birthday).

So what does a gal do to celebrate such a big milestone? Vegas? Romantic weekend getaway?  Huge birthday blowout party? Nope, nope, and nuh-uh. Sidenote: If you’re patting yourself on the back right now for already knowing what I’m going to say based on the title of the post, then you’ve earned yourself a gold star! That’s right folks, I’m going to do 30 Before 30!  I’ll try 30 new things before I turn 30.

The Basics
Don’t forget, my beautiful baby girl Emilia Rose is only going to be 3 months old. (I have to sneak a little pic in here, she’s just so darn cute!). 
I’m trying to be very realistic about what I can do so I’m keeping it relatively simple and you won’t see skydiving or a trip to Thailand on the list. I’m even cheating giving myself 45 days to do it all instead of 30 because, well, I probably wouldn’t finish it if I had to do it in 30 days 🙂

The List
This list is not complete and I need your help! Got any great ideas of things I absolutely need to try? Or do? Or eat? Tell me! Inspire me! 

Here’s my tentative list of ideas, though I won’t be able to do them all and I admit some of them are kinda lame but I was a little desperate:

Getting Creative
  1. Play something on some instrument
  2. Paint something
  3. Sew something
  4. Take a photography class
  5. Write a poem
  6. Write a letter to your future self
  7. Make a homemade beauty product
  8. Make my own professional-style photoshoot
  9. Learn how to use Photoshop (ADDED)

Getting Active

  1. Sign up for a triathlon
  2. Couples dance class
  3. Complete an entire P90x or Insanity workout
  4. Play flag football (this one’s for my husband!)
  5. Jog in Central Park in New York
  6. Climb the stairs to the top of the Statue of Liberty
Eating & Drinking
  1. Make my own pizza
  2. Try a “eat-x-much and it’s free” at a restaurant
  3. Eat a cronut
  4. Learn to differentiate wine tastes
  5. Bake my own amazing birthday cake
  6. Learn how to make a signature cocktail
  7. Get drinks at an old speakeasy

What an Adventure

  1. Visit somewhere new (Austria? Lichtenstein?)
  2. Fly with a baby
  3. Make my bucket list
  4. Drive over 200km/h on German autobahn
  5. Drive a car worth more than a house
  6. Say yes for an entire day
  7. Take something you already do and do it differently. Idea: pop-up yoga
Intellectual Stimulation
  1. Go to the opera
  2. Sign up for a class at Harvard
  3. Finally understand the Higgs Boson 
  4. Watch a classic movie (Gone With The Wind, The Godfather, etc). (ADDED)
Lifestyle (ie Miscellaneous I just wanted to give it a fancy title)
  1. Volunteer somewhere
  2. Speak only German for an entire day
  3. Learn to drive stick shift
  4. Tour my dad’s childhood neighborhood
  5. Cut my hair
  6. Plant a tree for Emilia (or something she can always go back an visit and watch grow)
  7. Be dressed by a stylist
  8. Attend a live fashion show
  9. Meet women in Switzerland who will actually continue to live in Switzerland and not move back to America and break my heart!
  10. Get my palm read/fortune told
Total Ideas: 41 43

Think I can do it? Could you??