Yep, definitely my bad. I haven’t blogged in a loooooooooong time. Too much happened. Good, bad, surprising, wonderful, scary, exciting and everything in between. So many ups and downs and sleepless nights but we are in such a good place right now. Here, I’ll catch you up and you’ll see what I mean:

  • I went on my Babymoon vacation to Dubai with Florian (which was amazing and I will be taking more trips there in the future during the gray winters of Zurich). Which just now reminds me that I never officially announced on my blog… I’m having a baby!!!!!!

  • I went on a food and beach vacation to Spain with my friend Ashley (San Sebastian is amazing and I highly recommend it!)
  • I flew to NY to be with my family while my mom had emergency surgery and stayed for 6 weeks (she is recovering well and should be completely healed in another 5 months or so). Also loved spending time with the rest of my family and good friends. Below is a pic from Mother’s Day with my mom and my sister Elana (aka Lily’s mommy) and me with my mommy-to-be bump. 
  • My other sister Rachel had her first baby and my first nephew! I had the lucky job of holding little Grayson Forrest Eddey during the Bris ceremony (men, if you don’t know what that is, don’t click my link, you won’t want to know. I warned you). What a head of hair this kid has!
  • Some of my best girlfriends from college met up in NYC to have a big joint 30th birthday celebration together since we’re all turning 30 this year! (What happens in NYC, stays in NYC. Here is a nice civilized picture of us the next morning 🙂
  • My friends and family threw me and Florian a baby shower in NY and people drove and flew in from all over the country just to be with us (I always feel so darn so lucky to have such amazing people in my life!!). Even though we weren’t really sure about the sex of the baby, we took a chance and told everyone it was a girl. We really hoped those two suitcases of girl clothes weren’t gonna go to waste…
  • My best friend Kelly got married (we’ve been best friends since we were 7!) and I was a bridesmaid in her gorgeous vineyard wedding! She looked so beautiful and it was so much fun partying the night away with her big Italian family. I love her husband already so I didn’t even have to threaten him or anything! And her daughter Sofia was so cute that day in her little dress I almost melted away.
  • We found out we’re having a baby girl… whew! 🙂 And got a new doctor and switched hospitals for delivery and I began facing the idea of what a natural childbirth would actually entail… (note to self: work more on your squats!)
  • The builders started building our new house and we started picking out all the details (no, I seriously mean all of them. Every single tiny one I didn’t even know existed. What tiles, where to put a door, what stove to get, what faucet in the bathroom – you name it, we have to make a decision on it!). If you have any advice, remember that I need it
  • I started getting the apartment ready for the arrival of our little baby and buying all of our “OMG-this-is-really-happening” items like a stroller and diapers. Baby C is due to join us in just 2 months!! I actually texted Florian this exact picture and wrote “shit just got real.” He was not amused.
  • Poor Bella had to have surgery again to remove more growths on her ear. The last ones were benign so we’re hoping these will also be! Still, not fun to have surgery for this poor babykins. 
And for those of you who have pleaded for a pic, this is how preggers I am at the moment… please ignore the tired and unkempt look I’m sporting 🙂