Do you ever just have one of those days or moments? When everything is just absolutely perfect and you are so happy that you literally have to stop and stand still and absorb it all? I had that yesterday.

Sidenote: I try really hard to be appreciative of everything I have while at the same time trying not to sound like I’m showing off. Strangely, it’s a tough balance because so many people focus on the negative or what they don’t have or what could be better, and here I am prancing around so happy about something as insignificant as a new follower on Twitter. Oh well, I’ll have to focus on the pitfalls of frenvy in another post.

So yesterday wasn’t extraordinarily life changing like the moment you get married or anything. It was just a great regular day in regular life. The night before, Florian and I had whimsically decided to book tickets to Dubai next month! I’ve been d-y-i-n-g from all the gray skies this winter and when you Google “warm places in Europe in March” the only response is the Canary Islands. We looked into going there but it was too expensive so our next obvious (and less expensive???) choice was… Dubai!  Amazing!

Neither of us have ever been but everyone we know who has been there just loves it. I was especially happy because the original conversation started when I asked Florian if he wanted to spend Easter weekend in Geneva. So, yeah, a week in Dubai is much cooler than a weekend in Geneva! After booking part of the trip in this exotic desert oasis resort (yes, the picture below is an actual picture of the place), my excitement levels couldn’t get any higher.

Then add to that happiness. Before I had known Florian could be so spontaneously cool, I had begged a friend to come to Spain with me in April (remember, I will do whatever it takes to break free from the gray skies here!). And thankfully Ashley has the same travel mindset as I do – have some fun in the sun, tour some cool city spots, roam around to get a feel for the culture, eat some delicious local foods and then crash in your 2- or 3-star crappy hotel that doesn’t need to be fabulous because you spend the whole day outside of the hotel. And thanks to some advice from friends on FB and this cool book my friend April bought for me, we made the decision to hit up San Sebastian.

On top of being SO so so excited about these upcoming trips, we got a call in the morning that our house was going to start being built in the next two weeks! Talk about a sigh of relief from our end. WHEW!! The housebuilders had been delayed since December and we weren’t 100% sure what was going on. They said paperwork delays, we suspected not enough homebuyers had actually bought the houses to make the project begin. This is a development of 13 houses and here in Switzy they could just decide not to build at all if they thought too many would remain empty and they wouldn’t make money. That news was a BIG weight off our shoulders. This is my dream house and I don’t know if I ever could ever have found something I would love as much as I love this house!! Next to Florian and Bella, this house is the love of my life!

Other things added to my happiness, but these were the things that just made me stupidly grin from ear to ear all day yesterday. AND, as if God knew how to put a cherry on top of that, it was warm and partially sunny yesterday. As the sun peeked out in the afternoon, I left Florian’s office (see, I do work!) and took Bella for a two-hour walk in the woods without my winter jacket. Normally I have to wear Under Armour cold gear under a fleece with a goose down jacket and a hat and scarf and gloves. Yeah, ok, it’s going back down to freezing and cloudy this weekend, but who cares. I had my day of glory!

Hope you all had a happy day, too!