Snow can be really beautiful and wonderful. However, most of the time, the only things I think to myself when it snows is “Oh crap, it’s cold!” and “Damn, now I have to go dig out my car.” I know, I know, not exactly the positive and upbeat attitude I claimed to have when I started this blog. What can I say, winter brings out the worst in people! It’s just been a really snowy winter here with no end in sight. It’s snowing right now as we speak!

So last weekend, as my family and friends on the East Coast in the US braced to be hit by the big snowstorm called Nemo, we Zuri folks also faced the snow head-on! Ten of us packed our bags and visited Grindelwald (an adorable little town in the Alps) to celebrate our friend Dan’s 30th birthday. To honor him and his birthday, I stole the really cool pictures that he took and I’m posting them here 🙂 (Okay, obviously I only stole them because they’re AWESOME and he’s a WAY more talented photographer than I am, but didn’t it sound nicer when I pretended that I did it for him??).

So while most people were being all sporty and active and doing crazy things like skiing, I sat around the Chalet, ate a lot, and got a massage. The one attempt I made to be active didn’t go so well. Florian and I snowshoed for about an hour and a half and then I had to nap for 2 and a half hours immediately afterwards. I’m not sure if that ratio is normal or not…. And sadly, 4 days after Florian and I went snowshoeing, I’m still in pain. You can probably tell based on how boring this post is that I’m honestly too darn tired to write anything exciting. Sorry ’bout that.

But before you feel bad for me and my out-of-shape body, feel bad for poor Bella!! She had to take a scary cablecar all the way up to the tippy top of a very tall mountain. I think her face communicates exactly how she felt about that!

And back at our hotel, she could barely see over the piles and piles of snow, let alone have the opportunity to run off and poop in privacy. It was a rough few days for her.