As a good Swiss would tell you, there’s no such thing as planning too early. And with that in mind, I’ve been slowly planning my house that will be built in… oh… a year from now! But in fairness, building a house and determining every single tiny little minute detail is going be completely and utterly overwhelming for me. Other people LIVE for this – the idea of decorating and designing all day long! Me, I’m more the kind of girl who actually never pays attention to any house details whatsoever. I can visit a house 5 times and still not be able to tell you the color of the couch, let alone the details of the faucets or what shade of faux wood the floors are.

So with that in mind, I turned to other people’s genius in home design for some ideas I can steal and pretend were my own. First, a little background: we have a huge open first floor with kitchen and living room and dining room areas all open. We are going to have a medium-dark hardwood floors all over and most likely all walls will be white. Now, here’s what I’m thinking for my kitchen. PRETTY PLEASE, if you know anything about this stuff and have some advice, TELL ME!!!! Lisa=needs help home designing!

This is the shape of our kitchen (with an island) and I like the placements of the fridge, stove and ovens in the pic below. I’m also thinking white cabinets and a gray granite countertop. Still undecided on the backsplash… thoughts?

Can’t decide if I should go dark gray or light gray granite

Debating not having cabinets and just putting these pretty shelves like this kitchen has on the left-hand side.
Or if we do have cabinets, maybe have them see-through so it doesn’t make the room feel too top-heavy in the big open space. Problem being that then I actually have to keep everything looking pretty and clean inside those cabinets!
I love the kitchen sink/miniature bathtub thing. I need it big because I’m the person who leaves dishes in the sink after dinner. Also totally love brushed chrome for faucets so you don’t see every single water drop and finger print!
As I plan more, I’ll share more about the house.