So… I totally misunderstood the trip to Croatia and Greece. Remember how I wrote about this whole getting-my-butt-in-shape-for-this-tough-hiking-and-backpacking tripthought I was going on? Well, turns out, I was waaaaaaaaaay off. This was absolutely just a wonderfully relaxing beach vacation, living the leisure lifestyle. Oops, total opposite from what I thought!! I guess I need to start paying a little bit more attention when people talk to me about important things. Next time.

Anyway, we spent some time on the islands in Croatia (a story for another time – I missed seeing Split because my flight was so delayed I missed my connection and had to spend 5 hours overnight in Zagreb). But Vela Luka was so beautiful, really untouched by tourists and loved by the fishermen who made up the small town. After hopping through Croatia and seeing all the hot spots (like Dubrovnik and Ston, where they produce excellent sea salt that we illegally sampled).

After great times in Croatia, we flew over to Athens to get a little more sunshine and see some more touristy sites. The best part of Athens may have been the Hamam we went to (though maybe the best part was flying home hours before tens of thousands of the workers went on strike and they delayed all flights since the personnel weren’t working…). What do you think? I have hundreds more pictures but thought I could boil it down to just a few.

This was possibly the best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. I kept going on and on about it in awe like the double-rainbow guy.
We swam out to the edge of these waterfalls in a really strong current! But it was worth the view.
And we make excellent tourists if I do say so myself.
I mean, look at those sneakers with white socks!
We did do one crazy-long hike on what I think was
the Great Wall of China, replanted in Europe.
So beautiful and blue
With so many beautiful ancient cities
The water was so clear and it was like we always had our own private beaches to swim at.
Can you see the cat eating right off our dinner table?
Beautiful by day and night!
My idea of sunbathing

Where should I go to next?!?!