In my last post, I wrote about how Florian planned a fun surprise for our 1-year wedding anniversary and now you no longer have to wait to know what it was! My female intuition (i.e. my ability to snoop) was correct and he did take me to beautiful Lausanne! We stayed at the gorgeous Angelterre & Residence hotel and had an amazing view of mountains and Lake Geneva (oh, the landscapes in Switz never cease to amaze me!). 

Besides the hotel and the location being amazing, Flo picked this place because it has one of the best restaurants in all of Switzerland! I’ll pause for a second here – for those of you who don’t know me well, you may not understand that I am quite possibly the pickiest eater of all time. Ever. And I really, strongly, positively hate the food here. It’s one of the only things to which I just simply have not been able to adjust! Why would they put half a stick of butter on my bagel with lox? Why do they call iceberg lettuce with half a kilo of creamy dressing a healthy salad?? Why don’t they understand that bacon does come from a pig?? And why can’t I ask them to put sauce on the side or substitute a different sauce instead without getting a dirty look and a “I’ll have to ask my manager” response????????

So, yeah, you can imagine my poor husband constantly suffers and we don’t get to enjoy eating out too much together. That’s why he took me to the spectacular foodie restaurant Beau-Rivage Palace with amazing 3-Michelin-star chef Anne-Sophie Pic, who would make foods with flavor instead of extra butter and spices instead of cream. Yay! Honestly, the food was amazing, of course. We loved all 7 courses that we gorged ourselves on, including the beetroot with coffee flavor main dish (who would have thought the two would mix?!).

Doesn’t she just look like she was born to be a chef?

And even though we loved the food at the restaurant, I think overall the place was a tad too decadent for us. I mean, every single sip of water I took prompted a garçon to run over and pour that tiny bit back into my crystal glass so I always had a perfectly full cup of water. Really, I could have just waited until my glass was near empty for a refill. I think the guy came over about 100 different times throughout the night. 
Flo and I also had to laugh a bit at the other people dining around us. The woman to the right of us requested a special little silk foot stool. For. Her. Purse. I get it, if your bag probably cost over $5,000, you want to keep it nice, but I hope I never own a bag that requires its own throne.
By the end, Florian and I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness around us. I mean, come on, a dessert that serves you massive amounts of edible gold?? TOO MUCH!! It’s pretty but I don’t ever need to eat gold again while people in the world are starving to death.

Overall, we loved the room and the food and being able to spend our anniversary happily together. Next year is my turn to plan a romantic getaway – eek! I hope I can pick somewhere that will be half as great as this weekend was 🙂