Hip, hip hooray! Finally! At last! I don’t have to stress about posting these honeymoon pictures anymore because they’re posted here!!  Hey, we’ve been back for less than a month, that’s not TERRIBLE. Ok, it’s terrible. Sorry for making you wait so long to see our pics! I had to sort through over 2,000 pics and videos to get down to only 400 or so (only…).

Here are some of my personal faves, but go check out the whole album on Google. 
My favorite place of the whole trip – on top of the Torghatten
The Nobel Peace Prize Center was really inspiring!
Right before I almost pooped in my pants on the RIB boat crazy expedition

Would you mess with this guy?

Aww… we love each other!

Some sort of Zombie convention/walk through the city in Oslo
Ya gotta have a little fun in life 🙂 
The beauty in Scandinavia cannot be described – it just has to be experienced