I have to make this known – I think saying goodbye is the worst. Ok, now onto the positive stuff!

This weekend I had to drop off my friend Katie at the airport so she could MOVE TO SINGAPORE! What? I know! What a crazy lucky girl. Seriously, I’m so excited and jealous of all of the amazing adventures she’s going to have. So much fun and such a beautiful place. Who wouldn’t want to go there?

Katie was such an important person to so many of us here in Zurich. She was the upbeat and positive person who was always there to listen and help and have an amazing recipe on hand. She always went way above and beyond for the simple things (like making individual mini-sandwiches and wrapping each one with pretty twine for a picnic was normal for her). She always knew about the coolest restaurants or bars to visit and the trips out of town worth taking. She planned baby showers meal deliveries to new mommies and did everything dressed like a supermodel. Seriously, she is someone we all aspire to be a little more like.

So of course we all spent the whole last week celebrating her new exciting life by going out to dinner on the lake, meeting for drinks, meeting for more drinks, and watching a movie while eating Goldfish and Gummy Worms. The weather was perfect and I just don’t think there’s any better way to say goodbye to Zurich than how Katie did it (ok, minus the story about how late we actually got to the airport). 

One of the toughest parts about being an expat in a foreign country is knowing that most of the friends you make won’t be around permanently. One of the best parts about being an expat is you get super close to the other expats and you make the kind of friends that will be lifelong friends, regardless of where in the world they live.
Katie, we already miss you and love you, but we’re so happy for you! Here’s to wishing you all the best!!! Cheers!