Hey guys, as promised I am gonna do my best to post blogs and pics as I can WHILE I’M ON MY HONEYMOON! That’s right, Florian and I are FINALLY taking our long-overdue honeymoon (only, like, a year after we got married… not terrible).

We are doing a month-long driving tour of Scandinavia and I’m basically planning on this being the coolest trip I’ve ever been on in my entire life (no pressure, Florian). Check out this map to see exactly where we’re headed and to maybe copy the idea for your future travels.

Just getting to Scandinavia with our car was an adventure. See if you can follow: we had to drive to Germany to take an overnight car train up to Northern Germany…

… To get the ferry to Oslo. And we spent the first night of our honeymoon in bunk beds 🙂

But, since I kinda want to be out enjoying our vacation and not just slaving away writing blogs, I decided to try something new here and post some video blogs. Maybe you’re not interested in seeing our ugly faces, I don’t know. But hey, I’m a fan of trying everything once*.

So, here’s my first time driving on the autobahn in Germany!! You know, the one with no speed limit…. And my husband Mr. I Used To Race Cars On Racetracks.


Update: apparently I can’t upload a video from my phone to blogger or embed the URL. Annoying! Anyway, sorry for having to use the lame link above and not being able to have the video ready for you here and now! I also can’t put the pictures in the right place in the blog, so see if you can test your IQ and figure out which picture belongs to which story.

*not everything, everything. I mean like the cool everything that makes you eat snails and go swimming in freezing water at midnight. Not so much on the creepy everything like spying on your neighbors or hiring a hooker.