Just because I like you guys so much, I’m telling you to enter this contest to win a FREE wedding cake from your favorite bakery PLUS an autographed copy of my sister’s new book! But hurry, the contest ends June 15, 2012. 


Can you believe how cool my family is? I told you about my (in)famous brother and sister-in-law in an old blog post and now my sister Rachel is a #1 on the Hot New Releases list on Amazon??? A-MAZ-ING! (Kinda makes me look like a slacker, huh?). No, but seriously, you’re not going to believe how famous she is now.

And for her book launch last week, Barnes & Noble in New York City threw an event/party for her where she gave a speech and signed autographs! 
Here’s Rachel ever so casually autographing copies of her book. Because, you know, no big deal, people ask for her autograph all the time. Don’t they ask for yours?? Actually, B&N was sold out of the book so a lot of her fans couldn’t even get an autographed copy!!! Crazy?!

I know you think I’m biased and have to say that the book is awesome, but how can you not trust the endorsement of Jodie Sweetin (aka Stephanie Tanner) that this book is amazing? She said:

Running of the Bride is a hilarious, laugh-out-loud peek into the mind of a crazed bride. If you’ve ever gotten married, wanted to get married, or maybe even NOT wanted to get married, you’ll love this book. Rachel writes with such wit and humor, it’s often like reading the mind of your best girlfriend. She may even be the missing member of the SATC clan! Truly a great read!” 

Even the freakin’ drummer from OK GO knows a good read when he sees one. He said:
Running of the Bride is a fast read, full of funny (and often heart-warming) moments strung into a compelling narrative. A recommended read for those who are single, engaged, married, separated, divorced—basically, anyone living.”
— Dan Konopka, drummer for OK Go

And Carley Rooney, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the most popular bridal website in the world theknot.com, what did she say? 
“We all know wedding planning rarely goes perfectly or smoothly and Rachel Eddey’s hilarious account of her own nuptials includes quite a few mishaps (and page turners!). I couldn’t put down this heartfelt story of learning how to have it all because, at the end of the wedding, we all need our happy ending and I couldn’t wait to find out how Rachel got hers.”

So I know by now you’re wondering how in the heck to get your hands on this amazing book. Click on the images before for direct links to purchase and viel spass reading!