You’re obviously here to see the pictures, so I’ll start with an adorable one.

World, meet the amazing and fantastic Sofia Elena! She’s the new daughter of my best friend Kelly, which is SUPER weird for me to type because I’ve known Kelly since we were practically babies. A little background on that: Kelly moved into my neighborhood in the 2nd grade and she became friends with my best friend at the time, Heather. My scheming little 6-year-old mind thought I should be friends with Kelly, too, so she wouldn’t be able to steal my friend. Kelly and I have been besties ever since! 🙂
Little Sofia came with 2 big surprises. 1) We didn’t know she was a girl! Kelly and Tony wanted to save it for a surprise, and she was pretty sure she was having a boy, so what a surprise it was!  2)  She did NOT want to stay in her mommy’s belly… she came out an entire month too early!! Sofia, you’re a day old and already rearranging my life! I had booked my ticket back to NY to be there for her birth… you know, in MARCH when she was due! Now I had to change my ticket and I’m flying out in 3 days to see her. Oh, and, you know, the rest of my family and friends. Let’s be honest, it’s all about the baby. I’m sooooooooooooooo excited.

Mommy and Baby
I’m so tiny I don’t even fit into my tiny baby clothes!
Can I get more adorable than this?!
Huge congratulations to Mommy Kelly and Daddy Tony on such an amazing little babykins.