Admittedly, I was a skeptic when friends invited us on a trip to Wengen (in the Swiss Alps) for the weekend to go snowshoeing. Ha, snowshoeing… lame-o!!!!!! I mean, I just never got the appeal of a) making walking hard and b) strapping tennis rackets to my feet (actually, I never got the appeal on winter sports in general… yay, let’s all bundle up uncomfortably to go stand outside in subfreezing weather?!). But I am up for some new adventures now that I’m settled into everyday life here and thought what the hell.

Not that I admit this often, but I was wrong. Really wrong. Snowshoeing was awesome! So much so that I have officially declared it as my new winter sport, meaning that I intend to go at least twice a winter! I basically got to moonwalk out into these pristine and beautiful parts of nature. It literally feels like your center of gravity is lifted slightly and you can float a bit in the world.

Beautiful winter wonderland
This was the panoramic view of where we walked. So, so, so beautiful and spectacular
Visibility was so bad it felt like we were walking off
the face of the Earth!

Bella auditioning for the role of Old Man Winter

Next up we’re planning on going for a romantic torch-lit snowshoeing walk to a hidden fondue restaurant in the Alps in two weeks. Romantic + dorky = the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!! 🙂