I tried chatting with God yesterday about having it snow for Christmas just enough to be fun and pretty, but not too much that the roads would be icy and annoying as we drive to the Alps tomorrow for vacation (BTW, there will def be blog updates as I learn how to ski next week – yikes!!!!!!). Alas, apparently God doesn’t listen to the prayers of little Jewish girls on Christmas… it didn’t snow a single flake today. However, not one to be easily deterred, I pulled out pictures from last week’s snowfall (our first this winter!) and have spent the day relishing in the glory of it as though it happened today.

Since I passed Kindergarten with flying colors and learned how to share with others, here I am, sharing my pics with you. Now we can all enjoy and get a warm and fuzzy Winter Wonderland feeling!! Well, please at least pretend you enjoyed them because Florian made me get up at 6am on a SATURDAY MORNING to go walk in that first snow because he was soooooooooooo excited. I want that trip to feel at least somewhat worthwhile. And yep, the dark pictures are dark because the sun hadn’t risen yet, not because it was nighttime.  Oh, the things one does for love…

Anywho, enjoy the White Christmas you’ve been dreaming of!!!

My camera has this awesome Sweep Panorama mode
Bella has got some big paws!
The crazy man who wants to get out of a warm
bed at 6am on a weekend to walk in the snow.

If those pics didn’t put you in the mood, I’m pretty sure watching our “Elf Yourself” video will! Wishing all of you the best holiday season you’ve ever had!!!!!!!!! Ever!