Do you feel different reading my blog now that I’m writing this as the older, more mature Lisa? You know, the one who just celebrated the 7th anniversary of her 21st birthday!? Yeah ok, not really more mature, mostly just older, which feels great after an article Florian just read. According to an unnamed trashy magazine, since Ashton broke up with Demi, the era is officially “over” when it’s cool for young men to date cougars. THANKS FOR MAKING MY BIRTHDAY FEEL SO MUCH BETTER, US WEEKLY!!!   My husband likes to “joke” (ladies, keep reading, you will find this hilarious, too) that since I’m now twenty eight years old, I am practically 30, which makes me a Cougar. Keep reading, this is the hilarious part. Since my ridiculously young husband of 27 and a 1/2 couldn’t possibly be so unfashionable as to continue being with a cougar, he’s mentioned needing to stop by the high school to look for a new wife.  Are you laughing yet?? Obviously, the worst part about the above paragraph is that people now define a cougar as 30+ years old!!!!!

So, to honor my last day in my mid-twenties (you know, when it’s still permissible to do stupid and immature things), I threw myself a birthday party at a club the night before my birthday and wore the shortest skirt I own. Classsssy. Did somebody order a Long Island Iced Tea to start the evening? Why, yes, yes I did. And did we get a table next to two DBs who ordered 3 bottles of Dom to impress the 0 ladies they were with? How could we not?! Nothing but the best for my last night as a youth! And did we dance until midnight and then go home because we were too tired to be out any longer? You betcha. What would you expect on a school night?! At midnight I turned my old age of 28 and the magic clubs once held for me wilted away instantaneously. I was suddenly worried about being responsible and waking up early to complete my German homework and get to class on time to take an exam. Oh, how I love being an adult and having responsibilities.

So, the almost-Cougar-worries-about-responsibilities-twenty-eight-year-old Lisa went out to a calm and quiet dinner on her actual birthday to celebrate with her husband and her in-laws. We went to Spice, literally the best restaurant in Zurich (no seriously, last week they even won an award for being one of the best 3 in all of Switzerland – my claim was not a hyperbole). The crazy chef there got me to eat goose liver and LIKE IT! Yep, sounds disgusting, but it was my favorite of the 5 courses we had. Does that make me disgusting by association, eating 5-course dinners and liking liver?? Anyway, if you’re not grossed out yet, just wait. Or perhaps you’ll be in awe? They brought out dessert, and then introduced it as the sherbet to cleanse the palate before dessert. A dessert appetizer? I knew I loved this place. Then they brought out three mini desserts on a platter that was made to look like an Asian dragon. Cool points for sure on that one. Then they brought out freshly made truffles for my selection. And then… an entirely new plate with 3 more mini desserts for Christmas theme. And then, back came the truffles. Full disclosure here: I started a diet last week with my mom and my sister doing “The Biggest Loser: Epstein Family Edition.” Per the above mentioned dinner, I did not win this week.

Serious and sappy sidenote (ie, no funny jokes so feel free to skip over reading): My birthday was really great getting to celebrate it with my new friends and family here in Switzerland. Obviously, I missed all of my friends in America and across the globe and wish I could have celebrated with all of you!! But I want to give a shoutout to the following 10 people from America who actually emailed/called me for my birthday instead of just posting on my Facebook Wall – I really appreciated the personal attention and extra effort!!! 🙂 Thanks Mom, Dad, Rachel, Elana, Kelly, Uncle Richie, Andrea, Roman, Lauri and Kary!!

Random sidenote: I decided New Year’s resolutions are okay, but birthday resolutions are an even better idea! My new birthday resolution is to take more pictures. I never take any pictures, mostly due to sheer laziness and a goldfish memory. In an attempt to make up for that, I will post random pictures of me previously clubbing below that are completely unrelated to my birthday in any way, but so you can get a feel for what my birthday party may have felt like in my far-too-short-and-tight outfit. Sorry, I didn’t make up birthday resolutions until the day after my birthday!